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Into the LED to zero

Time:2013/10/29 15:41:59   The author:admin   Print the article

Is the LED lighting industry for the future development trend, it is beyond doubt. Now LED looks hot hot, a lot of new companies to enter, the traditional lighting enterprise transformation to join too. And in essence, and really in the existing combination of lamps and lanterns, heat, light efficiency experience hard work of enterprise is not much.

Traditional enterprise boasts more channels of distribution and engineering aspects of the advantages of rigid LED set in traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, home lighting and commercial lighting, believes will light and change the LED can be realized.

New entrants without the burden of traditional products and channels, seems to walk the line to take the lead, but also be a good big, the weight not heavy quality circles.

I think, in the field of LED lighting is a kind of energy-saving light source, the future is infinite, but not completely replace the other source of energy. Especially in mixed company LED era "before", we should calm analysis, more focused to the brand positioning, product development, marketing system on the accumulation of profound capability. As the saying goes: "when the tide goes out to see who's been swimming naked." True are striking.

So, to enter the LED must again with zero mentality casting brand.

Studying the needs of target market from scratch, from scratch to learn a new domain knowledge, research and establish marketing model from scratch, according to the request of transformation and upgrading to integrate human resources, and team building, redesign of business processes.

Mentality of "zero" is more important is put aside complacent policymakers or organization, the mindset of roll, don't inherent into insightful look at things, don't to adapt to The Times of old things decisions, to regain competitiveness, passion, market sense, intellectual curiosity and the desire to do better, decisive decision-making ability and quick reaction ability, etc.

Do LED products in addition to the chip with the core technology, application of the enterprise is more in research and development of lamps and lanterns and light efficiency testing form their own products and brand personality traits. So, to use good chip, namely the true "core" application, can make a real energy saving LED products, rather than for impulse sacrifice and overdraft terminal confidence in leds.

So we've gone through two years of project, research and development, trial production, the promotion of steps, such as the current LED accounted for only 10%, of course, will further expand to around 30% this year. Because the brand is different from pure do sales, we light is developing and testing a series of business according to the product will take 9 months or so of time. Product added value, of course, is also considerable.

There are a lot of leds at the beginning of the enterprise more successful, output went up, the image also gradually formed, but then failed, in addition to the objective cause, have largely because its not your attitude to zero and the true "core" sincerity to brand management, could not break through the original enterprise business model, again success.

Entrepreneurial success is relatively easy for the first time, but the second is not easy, because the leader in the face of new opportunities and no zero state of mind. Mentality will be zero, put down the burden, travel light, will be the key factors LED enterprise quickly and stronger brand.

Only in this way can enterprises, gradually formed in the channel and terminal own brand influence, with the "core" of truth in the heart. LED as a kind of impact the traditional lighting market, new material or new industry does not like in the past, is still rely on selling products to enhance market penetration. At the current LED to walk more channels of sound engineering, for example, if there is no research and development, service and marketing, especially the multivariate function, such as brand stand out in the serious homogeneity competition of enterprise, talk easy?

Brands include? Including the leading product technology, efficient marketing system and promotion in place, the system scheme practical multivariate combination, such as, after-sales service close fairly simple do it is quite difficult.

I believe that the LED brand competition up to, even has quietly started. The next few years, LED application market year-on-year growth is expected to more than 50%. At present, from the industry point of view, there is no any LED LED a national brand, but a significant market share has attracted thousands of companies to join contest.

Predictably, the future development strategy period, those who have the strength, research and development, innovation and distinctive LED enterprise is the main backbone of China's LED market, no matter he is a transformation of the traditional or new entrants.

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