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2011 lighting lighting industry big inventory

Time:2013/10/29 15:43:30   The author:admin   Print the article

Pressure from rising costs, housing administration, rare earth movements, poor export multiple factors, such as lighting lighting industry appeared periodic recession in 2011. The personage inside course of study already this year compared with the financial crisis in 2008. But it is also in this year, we see the specialty stores to intensive, electricity channel is yet to mature, energy-saving light source has a more broad space for development, etc. The good news. In the tail and head of the year-end, the author try to induce 2011 lighting lighting industry keywords, summary review together with you this is the last one year.
Stores from scale economy to make the transition to the service
Keywords: high intensive
As an important trading platform of buyers and sellers, in recent years, lighting stores have sprung up with the growing demand for lighting market. Although with department stores, supermarkets, home appliances, and other industry compared to lamp act the role ofing stores in such aspects as management mode, management level there are still large gaps, but lighting stores, showing a thriving momentum and the positive enterprising spirit. In 2011, Beijing ruifeng international port of lamps and lanterns, the city of lights, lights are ancient town in the east sheng shopping plaza, nanchang, tianjin bohai sea jimei household sunshine lighting square, nanchang hei was packed lighting square, chongqing light and other large stores have opened their nests. These new stores in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin such a line of big cities expanded to nanchang, lanzhou and other mainland cities. Their high-end positioning, whether in hardware, such as size, decoration, class, or in house brand, management, services and software in the local are second to none.
"Shell" concept of new light source to tap capital markets
Keywords: public finance
Earlier this year, the domestic LED enterprises involved in lehman photoelectric, then have a large number of LED enterprises listed in succession, the Chinese enterprise borrows the concept of new light source, LED in the capital markets, driven by the reform listed here. 5 to 7 months, hon, photoelectric, autoart electronic display enterprise, shenzhen chau Ming LED companies such as science and technology, Switzerland abundant photoelectric successively success of landing shenzhen gem and the small and medium-sized plate. In addition, the factory photoelectric has on July 15, success will be; Together fly photoelectric will also be an IPO. We have learned, at present the LED industry is preparing for the listed companies have wood Tomlinson, poly, honest, and so on. In November, the dongguan attendance on photoelectric co., LTD., successfully starting A shares will be 10 home since last year with the LED for the main business of the listed companies. There are dozens of LED enterprises at present stage has been completed or ongoing share reform, once the end of the share reform, will also be gone public.
Energy-saving lamps' bumps in the ups and downs
Keywords: phosphors
Energy-saving lamp enterprises this year collective took a breathtaking "roller coaster", many lamp are even "out". Tricolor phosphors in March, the price is 300 yuan/kg, in July was critical to 3000 yuan/kg. Huge profit making part of centerless production enterprises, to hoard a bull phosphors. However, because every store powder, downstream sales atrophy, hoarders no buyers, but as prices dropped sharply, tasted the bitter fruit of speculative hoarding powder enterprises. More seriously, the ups and downs of phosphor, let the peace of mind in the production of energy-saving lamps enterprises also encountered problems. Town an energy-saving lamp enterprises, said, the head of the phosphor powder price is on the rise, and purchase raw material, now prices tumbled, upside down, the customer with the price of cost and settlement, profits would be much lower.
LED hot competition
Keywords: gradually thin profits
LED industry development prospect is broad, and the government, LED lighting lighting enterprises become size is most desirable "cake", also formed the "sea situation". Related domestic LED industry research data shows, at present the LED lighting market share of only 5% in China, but its growth rate is as high as 60% to 70%, more than about 5000 domestic LED industry companies big and small, is expected to exceed 7000 over the next two years. The craze is behind the rapid growth of LED industry, whether chip, epitaxial wafer, or encapsulation, application, no not on the number of explosive growth. But in the context of technology subject to foreign enterprises, consequences of homogenized competition will be a price war and the decline in the gross profit margin. According to statistics, in the first half of this year has more than half of the LED companies for gross margin decline. In multiplex capital spending money on the LED project background, many companies can seize market through the price.
Household act the role ofing colder this year
Keywords: restrictions
The other is in danger are used to describe the existing situation of real estate industry upstream and downstream is the most appropriate. If the stock market is a barometer of macro economy, the housing market is the real economy of the thermometer. The real estate industry have direct relationship with more than 20 industries, involved more than 50 upstream and downstream industries. Under the influence of the "rules" of real estate, the day of domestic outfit industry had a tough this year. Household lighting lamps and lanterns industry especially difficult. Many terminal home building materials business promotions, but the market is still not ideal. The personage inside course of study says, the home installs the market this year is as light as a feather. On the current situation, the real estate industry regulation does not relax, decoration industry downturn or will continue.
Mainstream experience into the LED lighting sales model
Keywords: experience first
At present, the pure warehouse transfer type of management mode has the transition to stores, supermarkets, logistics center of lamps and lanterns and lighting diversified patterns such as hypermarket, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the terminal network construction. This year, the world's largest lighting exhibition, guangzhou international lighting fair, each big enterprise is scrambling to present products in such a manner, and the set exhibition space and simulation of lighting application places more and more, the LED office lighting supermarket, clothing store lighting, lighting, home lighting, industrial lighting, hotel lighting to the tunnel situation type, such as display, single way of product display already facing elimination.
The rising cost of reversed transmission enterprise internal and external and repairing
Keywords: stream
Since this year, because of the influence of inflation, rising prices of raw materials, labor cost, logistics cost has deeply disturbed the development of the enterprise, two to thirty percent increase in production cost directly. On the other hand, due to the effect of upstream regulation of real estate, household act the role ofing industry terminal market performance is cold. In order to get rid of the negative factors of the impact of external and internal, in inside and outside and repair all lighting lighting enterprises this year. First is to optimize the production management, to build a strong supply chain in the production system, to ensure smooth procurement, research and development, production, manufacturing. Second is to strengthen the construction of channels, strengthen the marketing team training, improve the quality of network, improve service to the businessman has become a lot of focus lighting lighting enterprises.
Electrician enterprises are still active
Key words: the first brand
Energy-saving light source price war rages, household lighting market shrinking, but not retreat back into the electrical switch field, and stereo marketing companies pay attention to the brand. After TCL electrician, ponder the electrician and jie eagle electric appliance, the bo strong electric and Mr Also subsequently hired movie star speak their own brand. Bo strong electric and Mr's top leaders have said, the enterprise will be by the star power, rapidly promote the brand influence. Mr Fukuda electrician more CCTV in 30 million yuan again landed, took a new step on the road to the popularization of the brand. There is little doubt that electric products has become the nods eyeball pen of family decoration personality. This year, the new element such as glass, ceramics, LED into the switch of the modern style.
One hundred incandescent light bulbs will "die"
Keywords: incandescent lamp
Mainland China sales roadmap has been released, the Chinese mainland to phase out incandescent light bulb will be divided into five stages, including on October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012, as the transition period; October 1, 2012, started to ban the sale and import more than 100 watts and general lighting incandescent; October 1, 2014, banned the sale and import more than 60 watts and general lighting incandescent; October 1, 2016, banned the sale and import more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. Another 5 years, in the Chinese mainland market is very difficult to see once familiar incandescent lamp. Out incandescent light bulb, for sure, this time for the fluorescent lamp, LED production enterprises, will be a major positive. In the last few trading days, the stocks LED the whole on the market "bright", has become a strong market sector.


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